Unable to export images etc

I am new to brave … and find it interesting but am unable to export images (pictures ) from brave to lets say email… also I do not know how to get an extension to Gmail.
please advise… thanks

You need to fill out the template located in your editor when posting a topic. The information there is required for us to provide you the appropriate support. You can find a copy of the template here if you don’t want to open a new topic.

Just drag and drop the images into the program you want to use. Most programs have adapted the drag and drop function. Also, you can right click on an image and click “Save image” or whatever shows up to save the image to your computer.

i am unable to understand this procedure and all those categories…sorry

Thanks, i was able to sort it out with the encryption buttion (in or under the brave logo)reversed and off … :slight_smile: