Unable to exit full screen mode


I am unable to leave full screen mode. I could find no help on this subject. There are no pull down menus and no buttons to click and I have tried right clicking everywhere, nothing comes up. I have version 0.22.727. Using on iMac Sierra version 10.12.6. Otherwise I really love this browser.


Lyle in Phoenix

Unable To Leave Full Screen Mode

Hi @reubenfine

If you put your mouse to the very top of the screen and leave it there for a few seconds to a minute, the menu bar should show. You can then go to View > Toggle Full screen view. Also, the red/green macOS buttons will appear at this time, you could click on the green one which will make your Brave window smaller. If you click on the red one, your window will be closed.

Alternatively, you can use this keyboard shortcut: Command + Control + F to make your Brave window smaller.

Hope this helps,


The keyboard shortcut did it. Thanks a million!!!


Great, thanks for reporting back @reubenfine :smiley:

Going to close out this thread, please open new threads for any other issues/questions you have.


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