Unable to edit my comments in Google+

I’m using Brave Dev Build Version 0.55.6 Chromium: 70.0.3538.16 (Official Build) dev (64-bit) on macOS Mojave 10.14.

I’ve occasionally tried editing comments I made in Google+, but clicking on the 3 dots to edit the comments would produce no result. Whether the Brave shields are enabled or not makes no difference.

Interesting - So I’m unable to reproduce this in Dev build (macOS HighSierra), as I’m able to my comment without issue. It does exhibit some strange behavior though:

Comment is made but options menu appears some distance away from menu button

Trying to scroll around, open new tab, see how it beahves

Do you see anything being blocked in the URL bar? It would appear on the other side of the separator here:

cc @sriram @clifton @sampson Any suggestions on either issue?

No, I don’t see anything being blocked. The only thing I can notice is the ‘next page’ icon that is greyed out (disabled) and then activated again if I re-click on the 3 dots.

@Olivier is it possible any of your extensions are interfering? I’m curious if the same thing happens in Chrome (with the same extension set)

Not sure the exact extensions he’s using but Chrome displays the menu in the correct position:

@Mattches yup- and I know some extensions modify the DOM of the page you’re visiting, which can cause weird behavior. You had the menu jump in Brave- do you have any extensions enabled? (ex: Metamask)

I removed the extension “tampermonkey” and the menu came back:

However, the menu still jumps a certain distance from the 3 dots.

We’ll go ahead and note the strange distance between where the menu should be and where it actually shows but I’m glad you were able to get it back! If you notice similar behavior to this - another menu being opened some significant distance from where it should be - be sure to let us know about it.

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