Unable to Edit Incorrect Sync Code

I entered a sync code word twice by mistake so the code is incorrect. It will not sync of course, however, the field for the code isn’t editable.

I tried to ‘leave the sync chain’ and re-enter the code but the old incorrect code remains uneditable. I tried to delete Brave and reinstall. No luck.

Any suggestions on how to edit the incorrect sync code so I can successfully sync?

Thanks for reaching out.
Apologies but I’m not entirely sure I fully understand the issue here. Can you elaborate on what you mean when you say the sync code is “incorrect”? The Sync code itself is static and not intended to be editable.

Thank you for your reply. I entered it incorrectly into the computer that I wanted to sync. It accepted an incorrect sync code (I typed one word twice in a row mistakenly) and then it did not sync. I wanted to edit the sync code I mistakenly typed in wrong in order to have it connect properly. The field was not able to be edited. I did in fact find a solution that worked which is described in this video: https://youtu.be/soc29mjbCAQ

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