Unable to download or export browsing history

Hi @bigleegeek1.
Thank you for opening this topic.
I also want to know how to export my ‘history’. And I, too, tried all the things you report that you tried.

but this Brave help topic deals only with exporting bookmarks, which is straightforward. The article does not address exporting ‘history’. :confused:

Hi @JohnDproof

I want to secure my browsing history before I install the latest version of Brave.
I will wait to see if I have to import my previous history into the newly installed version of Brave. I must not lose my history.

@bigleegeek1, perhaps you can try this and see what happens:
On the ‘history’ tab, I right clicked on the page and selected ‘save as’ in the menu and saved a file in .html. I am still experimenting to see if that file is usable.

I am also perhaps discovering that Brave stores only a few months of history, so I need to read up on that topic.