Unable to download BRAVE MacOS

Unable to download BRAVE from a 2021 MacBook Pro? I keep getting an error when launching brave!

What error are you getting?

I simply marked: brave left unexpectedly. To restart ? and I have this in a row

with as only detail a comment full of incomprehensible thing

I am no expert but you might want to check a few things:

  1. Are you getting the correct version of Brave for MacOs? What I mean is that there is one for Intel and then there is one for Apple Silicon.
  2. Did you authorize Brave in Preferences/Security & Privacy if asked to do so.
  3. Try using reset in Brave Preferences if you can get into it.
  4. And if you can get into to it try disabling all your extensions if installed and see if it goes away. Sometimes you can get a bad version of extension that causes problems.
  5. If all else fails (Unable to do any of these steps) try deleting Brave and re-download Brave and install it again>

I downloaded the M1 version but I have an M1pro I don’t know if that changes anything! unfortunately I can’t even enter BRAVE after downloading as soon as I open it I have this error

No that should not make a difference still Apple Silicon and a ARM Processor. You might want to delete the app and download a new copy and reinstall. The error that you posted is a MacOs error message not a Brave Browser Message but it is caused by Brave more than likely. The error message that you sent I had to use Google Translate so I hope it came out correctly.

To confirm, you did download the M1 version of the client? If so, can you try downloading the Beta version of the browser and tell me if you get the same results?

Additionally, can you tell me what macOS version you’re using at this time?

I have the same issues (I guess). Downloaded newest M1 Version and the actual Beta Version for M1. I have OS 12.1 Monterey and receive always this message:

Brave simply doesn’t start. Any help is appreciated as I’m new to MAC.

Do you get the same results when trying to download the release channel build?

Just installed again the latest official release with following result:

Using MacBook Air M1 with OS 12.1 Monterey.

I’ve reached out to the team about this – in the meantime, can you confirm for me whether or not if you go (on your system) to ~/Users/[Your user name]/Library/Application Support/ you see a BraveSoftware folder here?

Just checked, no Brave Folder here.

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