Unable to delete thirdparty cookies from betting websites


I’ve been deleting cookies from time to time, but i realised that third party cookies from certain websites can’t be removed - nothing happens at all when i click on the “trash icon” connected to the sites who are allowed to collect third party cookies. Maybe i should try to reinstall the browser, but i was hoping other solutions first. I noticed that this is primarily happening on betting/gambling websites for me. (These sites are always allowed to collect with no possibility to prevent it via settings)
Any suggestions are much appreciated to eventually fix this.

I updated the brave browser recently, and i’m running the newest version
Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

It is a bug.

Go to the betting website and then turn the shields back ON (orange lion icon in top right hand corner).
In past, you might have turned shields OFF which caused the third party cookies inside your browser.

Thank you! It’s fixed now.

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