Unable to delete selected cookies

Description of the issue:
I want to delete some of the cookies

If I go to "Settings → Website Settings → Cookies (may differ, I got the german version) and then select a single Cookie, I have the choice to accept or block with additional selections to remove or cancel.

If I choose “remove”, nothing happens, the cookie remains in the list.

I use the newest Brave version 1.34.81 on an Android 10, Huawei AL-09 Tablet.

I already tried to find the place where cookies are stored, no success.

Can anybody tell me how to delete selected cookies?

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Specific cookies – in a Brave Browser > New Window , go to:


Clearing cache, cookies, data, etc.

In a Brave Browser > New Window , go to:


Look over, and study, and determine what you want for all three tabs,

  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • On exit


. . . and then Exit / Quit Brave Browser. And then, start Brave Browser. See if that fixes things for you.


@fedup has been waging a campaign for the Brave Browser to include the ability for users to select and remove specific cookies – while leaving other cookies intact. There are several replies, that may interest:

That is totally incorrect. As I’ve said on another thread, this is for the mobile browser. Please stop giving people directions that only work on the desktop version of Brave. They are not the same thing. What you provided isn’t even what they asked for anyway. They are not trying to clear cookies on exit. Please be more mindful that you are posting on the mobile support forum.

I apologize this took so long. I only saw it because it got bumped to the top. Better late than never I suppose!

What you’re describing is not what you’re looking for, but you’re close. Settings → Website Settings → Cookies is exactly as it says. That is the settings for site cookies. When you press remove, you are removing the custom setting for that site’s cookies, not the cookies themselves.

The site settings, stored data, and cookies are located in Settings → Site settings → All sites. There you can search for the website you want. When you press on it, you should see some text beneath the orange Storage header. Press on that. There will be an orange garbage can :wastebasket: on the right, but pressing anywhere on that row will activate it. Confirm that you want to clear the cookies and they will be gone.

Alternatively, if you visit the website and it uses SSL, you can press the lock icon :lock: in the upper left of the address bar, press cookies, and clear them that way too.

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