Unable to delete/remove connected hardware wallet from brave crypto wallet

When I try to remove my connected ledger from my crypto wallet it appears to have been removed, but when i log out of the crypto wallet and log back in the connected ledger wallet is still there.

Experiencing the same behavior.
Added my Ledger Nano X and removed it as usual but everytime when logging into the crypto wallet, the Ledger account is there, even when not connected.

Not did it only mess up all my account names, but the wallet is currently unusable as it doesnt get recognized by platforms.

The Ledger wallet shows as first entry, which made all my accounts move 1 account up and delete all set account names.
Even after disconnecting the according account, locking the wallet, unlocking again, the account appears again. Same behavior on a restart.

Getting that error all over my accounts:
“Cannot use ‘in’ operator to search for ‘ETHADDRESS’ in false”

I’m experiencing the same issue, I can remove the account but the dialogue box doesn’t go away.
I cancel the dialogue box and the account will disappear, but reappear after I Lock/Unlock, or edit other accounts.

Additionally I could not interact with ETH contracts with my previously linked Ledger Nano X.

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