Unable to connect uphold wallet in android brave browser

@tek007 See the response above from Matches. There’s a couple steps to take to figure out why and then to take depending on what’s causing it.

I’m waiting in having the previous browsers removed so that I can add my new phone. This is definitely something that we should have account control access to ourselves. Process improvement!

Thank you for the thorough description, it have helped me a lot. I realized that I have the “device limit reached” issue due to switching phones. I’ve used your description to extract all relevant details and I have used the linked form to create a support ticket, although after creating the ticket, I did not receive any e-mail confirmation regarding the ticket. Is this normal, or should I try to create the ticket again?

ps: For me this message only shows up on the rewards-internals page in the event log, unfortunately when I’m trying to connect my wallet it does not inform me why it cannot be connected, just goes back to the original rewards pop-up, no error message or anything, like nothing has happened. Would be nice to have this error message displayed somewhere so it’s easier to understand what is happening.

Unfortunately this still has not allowed me to connect.

unable to connect my uphold wallet in android brave browser !
i have tried it going to internals page , everything is good there
what to do?
i don’t have more devices link to uphold account

Did you get resolution with these steps shaman?

Yes, I did, they have replied to my wallet unlinking request, which I’ve filled on the above provided link. They have informed me that in a future release they are planning to remove the device limit.

Quick recap of what I did:

  • I’ve checked the rewards-internals page on my new phone, where I’ve seen on the Event logs page, that the reason I cannot connect to my wallet is that I’ve reached the device limit.
  • Done the steps in Mattches’ answer to extract the required information (Custodian Member ID, and wallet IDs of the devices that I’d like to keep) and filled the unlinking request form from the same post.
  • It took some time but eventually I1ve received an email that they’ve unlinked it. After that I could connect my wallet on the new phone normally.

Hope this helps.

Where is link to submit request to unlink devices


The new UI for the Rewards splash screen had me hoping this was fixed. Any updates on this issue as to when it will get fixed?


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