Unable to connect Uphold account with Brave Rewards

Hi all,

I have the same problem,
My Uphold account is verified and I succeded to connect it on two laptops I am using occasionaly yesterday.
Today I tried to do excatly the same on my desktop computer but I have this error: “Your request is still being processed, please wait. Sorry there was a problem processing your request, please try again.”

With the following error in the logs:
[Oct 29, 2023, 6:57:07.3 PM:ERROR:post_connect.cc(77)] Unknown message!
[Oct 29, 2023, 6:57:07.3 PM:ERROR:connect_external_wallet.cc(186)] Failed to connect uphold wallet!

Why my uphold account can be linked on my laptop and not on my desktop computer?
Can you please help me besause I have much more vBAT on this desktop than on my laptop that I don’t want to lose.

do you have heard from a brave user doing the method you shared, and succeeding in getting his BAT back with uphold?

Oh, the party is in this thread? I’ll start watching. Having the same issue as the others, but on W10. Account is fully verified with Uphold, but getting the “Request is still being processed” error.

Yeah, there’s plenty.

Again though, that’s just for people having that issue. So looking to see if people are having the notice as mentioned by Evan123 earlier:

They had identified some were having this issue. It just wasn’t giving the Limited Uphold Functionality message like normal. But it doesn’t mean everyone experiencing the problem of it not connecting is having this. It’s just one step for people to try and it should resolve for some.

Yes it does show KYC_required but I have completed all the verification process with Uphold and there’s nothing else to verify.

@CeruleanStar did you try to withdraw and do the steps as mentioned in the links just above? The Limited Uphold account functionality steps?

Keep in mind that some are quick to argue. Unfortunately there are some differences between what people think and what gets communicated. Like for Uphold, they’ll advise that all of your KYC/AML is done because they see your documents and Uphold overall is kind of content. What they don’t look at is how their API will report to others, including Brave, that you’re not fully verified because of the minor step like the Liveness check.

Over the years, I’ve had people argue and insist everything was done. But then they finally took the step suggested and they saw that Uphold did indeed have the one extra step required. Their support agents just were dumb and didn’t advise. And they don’t make it easy to recognize it needs done, with no notice even being given in your account until you actually go to do the withdrawal.

And just to repeat what I said earlier, I’m not insisting this is the issue for everyone who is having this issue right now. We can only take some of the clues being shared and take a step at a time. If you go to brave://rewards-internals and it says KYC_required then we know there’s something in the API. This means either passport, bank information, email confirmation, or liveness check.

I don’t have KYC_required in my Events logs. The most recent entry into Event Logs was on October 12 so it doesn’t relate to connecting it with uphold. Any idea of what else it could be?

I can’t withdraw, seeing as I have no funds in my Uphold account, and all my credit cards fail to link.

Not at this time. I have actually sent messages over to @Chriscat (Product Manager for Rewards), but we also have @Evan123 (primary Support for Rewards) aware of the issues being reported by people. It is the weekend and they tend not to be active until the weekdays. So I’m sure they’ll be checking when possible to make sure no issues with the API and to walk through things.

The only thing been able to do today is the stopgap and kind of have people double check the info as was shared by Support earlier.

Last other option I could suggest is for everyone to create a Rewards Support Ticket at https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360001302431 just to make sure things are on record.

I’m going to say that these issues are one of 3 problems.

  • The API is down and need fixed

  • Accounts are flagged

  • KYC, including Liveness check, is not complete.

Those three things have been the reason behind this notice in the past. With the number of people reporting, I’m assuming it’s an issue with the API. But it’s still kind of critical to have people double check what they see in places just in case it’s the other two.

Hey Saoiray,
Appreciate your help with this thread. I have already successfully completed the ID verification with Uphold and submitted a support ticket on their side.

Anything else to suggest?

I’m one of the many people getting the flood of:
[Oct 29, 2023, 3:05:51.8 PM:ERROR:post_connect.cc(77)] Unknown message!
[Oct 29, 2023, 3:05:51.8 PM:ERROR:connect_external_wallet.cc(186)] Failed to connect uphold wallet!

I am facing with the same problem, with vBAT deadline looming on 31/10 morning.

  • Uphold created and verified on 28/10. Brave Windows device connected and vBAT transferred successfully

  • Next day 29/10 tried connecting Uphold to Brave Android mobile device, got the above dreaded recurring error messages. Went back to try the Windows device that was connected on previous day, but even that one now shows the same error messages, unable to log into Uphold account from Brave Rewards page.

  • Log into Uphold.com without issue, and does not show any further verification pending. (Had done both ID & selfie)

Hope there will be a deadline extension for those affected.

Well it’s frustrating to say the least. I had to deposit money from my bank account to Uphold and tried to withdraw it in and attempt to try getting to the secondary verification step as described. Instead of getting the secondary verification step, my money is on hold pending review by the team as a routine security measure.

Can’t believe it, all this runaround just to claim the few BAT tokens!

Servers prolly crashed under the weight of all the people trying to do this :joy:

I added some crypto then withdrew again and then it promoted you to take another photo then allowed the transfer, but still can’t connect. I saw another post suggesting to allow cookies, I did this and even took brave shields down but still same error

I’m having the same issue. windows 11, in supported region, uphold account verified (in uphold wallet is shows brave browser connected, but on brave browser it is not connected), cleared cookies, brave browser updated.

KYC_required is not listed for me. my uphold account is verified for years now (KYC etc with uphold)

Same thing for me. I can’t withdraw and Having the same issue.

So Uphold has released the money back to my bank account but there was no secondary verification prompt

Hey, I’m confused with so many answers, so may I ask what is the solution for my problem too, since you quoted only a few people with problems? What I have to do to fix this please, since tomorrow is the last day?

Hello! This is a known issue. We are actively investigating and hope to have a solution soon. Thank you!