Unable to connect to Uphold

I have not seen ads in quite a while, so I went to rewards settings and found that I needed to complete identity verification. I have tried multiple times yesterday and today and it does not work. I searched here and found it is happening to other people, but I have not been able to find any solution in the postings.


same for me!
what do we have to do?


And same for me but for last 7 days my thread was just ignored. Good luck with receiving “more” support.

Oh and also the same problem with “Your request is still being …” when trying to use Gemini


From What Country are you from? The both of you guys?

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I am from the United States.


how about you bro, from where Country are you?

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I thought you are from Philippines


sir, this is a Wendy’s.

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From :fr:, we are all concerned

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Not from banned country because i know where is this question coming from. To be precised, Poland.
What’s odd is that Brave Nightly Desktop works just fine but only with Gemini wallet. Same situation with Gemini on Brave Nightly Mobile.
Brave Stable doesn’t work either with uphold (error with identity verification) or gemini (your request is still being processed etc. etc.). To be exact, Gemini never worked but Uphold only for last 2 weeks.

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Same problem, and i don’t see any ads for a moment and didn’t get any rewards for more than 3 month !

Same here. Is there any legit Brave support for this?

Today my brave stable was updated to 1.37
Seems like my account has been flagged
Here’s the proof:

Everyone who has same issue just check whether you have same error or not. Just try to verify with gemini or uphold and you maybe be flagged as i am.

Sorry your account was flagged. Hopefully the flag will be removed. Could you please post when it is removed? I am curious how long it takes from notice to removal. It will probably be different for each user, but would be nice to know an estimate on the time.

I think this is a great improvement and was highly needed. Hopefully the rollout will be smooth with little or no bumps! Especially per removing the flag for flagged accounts.

@Mattches helped me and i’m no longer flagged. About your question: i’ve been flagged for last 3 weeks or so. I don’t know how long would it last though. Advice about being flagged said that i should check everyday if i’m no longer flagged. I did but without success.
For now i’m successfully verified and receiving ads as i’m writing. Fingers crossed it will last :slight_smile:

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I had the same message, hope it won’t take too long

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