"Unable to connect to the Tor network" requires a response, otherwise all tabs in the window are unavailable


When the “Unable to connect to the Tor network” message appears on-screen, it seems to prevent all activity in any tab in that window until the user chooses either ‘Retry connection’ or ‘Disable Tor.’ Any lengthy absence from using the Tor tab is likely to produce that message.

Unless that’s somehow a necessary result when a previously-established Tor connection has been suspended, I hope the Private tab with Tor implementation in future BRAVE versions will allow the user to just close that tab &/or the dialog box (e.g., by pressing <Esc>).

It’s not even possible to copy the URL once you’ve returned to the Tor tab, which disappears once you select ‘Disable Tor,’ as does the Tor tab itself.

It’s understandable that the Tor tab would close when ‘Disable’ is chosen, but couldn’t there be an option to first copy the URL or otherwise preserve the location? I don’t currently see any way to do that, other than selecting ‘Retry connection’ and hope that one can be made.

Maybe what I’m looking for runs counter to the ‘total privacy’ of Tor tabs. However, it seems like Tor is deciding that, rather than the user (me), who may have just walked away from the computer for a long enough time for Tor to suspend the connection.


It is a little frustrating, I agree. We decided to err on the side of safety by preventing any activity when Tor is not working. But we’ve been working hard on revamping how Brave works inside (sorry for the long delay while we were working on that!), and we’ll likely revisit this soon.