Unable to connect to my github account through the brave browser


My name is Alex and i am a new user of the browser. I came across this problem:
I downloaded and installed brave on my pc(legit windows 10 education, intel i5 3210 processor nvidia geForce 630m), transferred my bookmarks, everything working okay, i could log in anywhere i wanted until i decided to change the password on my gitub account, before i change it i was logged in normally, right after i changed the password i couldn’t anymore log back in, i tried with shields on and off or the fingerprinting and all these on-off but still it was just redirecting me in the main page of github. Then, I tried it on my previous browser (firefox) and i was able to log in to github with the new password so i got really confused. I tried again to let brave save or not save the login information to see if there was a conflict from that but nothing seems to work. I didnt read anything about this problem around the bugs topic so I decided to make a new post about it. I hope it will be fixed and i want to say i really like the idea of brave.
thank you for your time.


Hi @alexgil

Is this issue still occurring for you? If so, could you please tell me what version of Brave you are running?


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