Unable to collect Brave rewards from last two days

Have you verified wallet?

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No, don’t have enough bat’s to verify.

You can Force stop brave browse & try again :purple_heart:

Done that too didn’t work.

you should update your app

rooted phone or custom rom???

Non-Rooted, updated app and also tried clear & cache.

to be honest you can’t claim the rewards…many people are suffering from the same problem from many days…tag @steeven…i think he can help you

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So Its not just me well that’s a relief. Meaning Brave is messed-up some how. Thanks I contact him.

their are many threads running from many days …but no method worked…

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Did you to go to chrome://rewards and try to claim it?

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Done that too not working.

I am also facing the same issue please anyone have the solution plz give

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@sss107 Same here😔, they need to fix it asap man.

Facing the same issue here :frowning:

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Help us please we are not able to claim the rewards

Same issue here. I had about 7 bat available. A “claim here” button came up. When I clicked it, it made me pull the brave icon to match with the image as a verification. After that, it just disapeared and now I’ve had to start over. I tried creating a local wallet afterward to see if it would show up or something, but it didn’t Any ideas?

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if brave wallet not yet verifed because of insufficient bat ,it cannot transfer to uphold wallet ’ right?

You should verified your uphold to be able to receive a direct payment

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