Unable to claims Brave Rewards on Android

I’ve been using Brave for almost a year now on Windows and Android. I had linked both the devices with verified uphold account. But since brave has removed support for India as a region, I’m unable to claims Brave Rewards on Android. It’s working fine on Windows. Daily ads rewards are adding to ‘Earning’ but at the end of the month i can’t see anything to claim them. Infact it gets removed after every month. It’s been happening for 2 months now, please help me resolve.

Things I’ve tried:

  1. Removed Cache
  2. Reinstalled Brave
  3. Checked Safety Net - Passed

You mean, you do not see any Claim button.

You need to open a support ticket using the link below, in order for the developers having a look at your issue.

Hello @TarunV, thank you for contacting us. For further information please read:

That list is subject to changes if your country is not included please be waiting for updates. Regards.

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