Unable to claim token grant (mobile, android, Germany)

I got a token grant on my android mobil device (germany). As I claimed it, it loaded and loaded…finally nothing happened and token grant notification now disappeard

Any idea what went wrong or what I have to do?


Hi @cryptom,

I’m sorry for your troubles here. Thank you for posting, and for reporting this issue.

CC’ing my colleague @Asad who can help to take a closer look.

Same here ! also had people sending me BAT as a tip on my youtube channel and nothing is coming into my account

Please make sure you’re on the latest version of Brave :slight_smile: We’re rolling out some fixes for grants/wallets. Try again! Sorry for the inconvenience.

I have not received a grant since May, and have had some confusion I was wondering if someone could help me also. I get the ads and grant from ads two days ago. However no BAT grant from May 5th. Thank you.
Noah M Girard.

Were there any error messages that appeared after attempting to claim the grant?

No they just do not show up at all. The wallet says connected, when I go to tips page it says next payment? (I forget) May 5 in a little grey box. And has been like that from May on.

Noah M Girard

I trouble claim reward in my brave browser.
Please help me Screenshot_2019-09-07-13-11-43

Everytime I open the browser it shows that I have a free token claim available but when I tap claim, it keeps on loading and nothing happens.
When I restart the browser same thing happens

There’s currently a glitch where browser zoom settings that are greater or lower than 100% can cause issues with the Rewards panel.

Try resetting your zoom back to 100% (CTRL+0 or CMD+0).

It doesn’t seems like a glitch, or zoom related error.

Are you zoomed in or do you have a different view of some kind in the browser when you get this error?

hi , i did not claim grant too. also i did not see gift icon. i just reinstall my brave. still nothing.
also some confirmation is not confirmed. it is been over 1 months.
also still some tips i did not receive my friend sended me from Malta. + one more missing thought.

have a nice day all.

I get this “Error” dialog box too with the lastest version on iOS as of today (20191211).
I have had the option to click “Claim” for months, but have never been able to claim it

On a similar note, I have a token grant waiting for me with a non-functional “Claim” button (i.e. clicking on “Claim” does nothing) using the lastest desktop version of Brave on Windows 10; both up-to-date as of today (20191211)

I have disabled some settings in Brave (e.g. social media, all the extensions): is it possible to somehow disable a required functionality using the simple Settings and still have Brave Rewards show up but disabling claims?

It seems that the Brave Rewards dialog box / popup could use some UX adjustment: it only makes sense, if you already know how it works

The popup is normally up-to-date information, but apparently, the top part of this popup can sometimes act as a notification that never expires (you have to click the tiny “x” in order to dismiss a notification and thus see the next notification, if any, and I had quite a few!)

A seemingly permanent notification with a corresponding claim that expires does not work well together. Especially when the “Claim” button simply stops working

It should be said that one of the many “Claim” buttons I had, showed me a nice “This grant is no longer available”, but I had to dismiss a few notifications before the “Claim” button started working like this

This is brand new functionality, so you may not even notice what this popup is “supposed” to look like. When you eventually get around to looking at it, you probably already have a notification blocking the top part, and the “x” just looks like a way to close the Brave Awards popup.
I have been ignoring this “x” because I could close the popup by simply clicking elsewhere

Still no love from iOS though

EDIT: continuing on the same note (as in, not paying attention), I see that Community posts are organized properly and I am posting iOS and Windows information in a post dedicated to Android.
My next post will be posted correctly, but hopefully the information above is still useful

I should have the sign on grant, but I never got any notification. I tried to open a new ticket, but I can’t do that either.

Hi Jeremy – I’m afraid you aren’t guaranteed a grant just by signing up. They come in at a random and intermittent basis. :slight_smile:

All over the internet there are ads to get 5 BAT for signing up. Regardless, I haven't gotten .01 BAT in the 2 or 3 months I’ve had it on my phone.

I experience this too, what happen to this brave reward? Is this still legit or what?