Unable to claim rewards for months

Hello my BAT balance in my brave browser has remained static for months now, possibly all year.

Mt “estimated rewards pending” balance is stuck at 1.170 BAT and currently says my next payment date is 6 June, which is not even next month. This payment date has been rolling over each month and I can’t claim the balance.

I would estimate that I have clicked on hundreds of ads at this point while waiting for this issue to resolve itself, I have no idea if I will receive this revenue or not?

Please help me unlock my balance!

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Hi, @eyoung, there are instructions on what to do if you did not receive a payout. On the post (click on the link below), please read it carefully and completely. When you finish the checklist, follow the instructions on what information you need to send in a DM to Support.

Good luck!

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Thank you for the input. Following up on the link provided

I have DM’d @steeven

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@eyoung you need to send this information in a DM to @steeven (click on his name and click on message). You should also include a screenshot of your Generals tab from brave://rewards-internals/ :slight_smile:

Information from brave://rewards-internals/ is sensitive, don’t post it in the forum, only in a DM with Support.

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