Unable to claim free BAT tokens


I haven’t been able to claim any free tokens. When I click on “Claim my free tokens” nothing happens. Is there something I have to do before I can claim the tokens?


What happens if you click on Add Funds and select a currency? Do you see an address/QR code? If so, Close/Reopen Brave, wait a few minutes, then try to claim tokens again.

If you do not see address/QR code, try these steps to get yourself a fresh wallet (only follow these if your current wallet does not have any funds):

  1. Close Brave.
  2. Navigate to ~/Library/Application Support
  3. Make a copy of your brave folder (you can call it whatever you want, this is just a precaution)
  4. Open up a terminal
  5. copy/paste this into the terminal and hit enter: mkdir ~/brave-ledger-backup
  6. then copy/paste this into the terminal and hit enter: mv ~/Library/Application\ Support/brave/ledger* ~/brave-ledger-backup
  7. then copy/paste this into the terminal and hit enter (this should all be on one line): LEDGER_VERBOSE=true /Applications/Brave.app/Contents/MacOS/Brave
  8. Then Brave will open.
  9. You will see information in the terminal, I’d say let this run for 5 minutes (this is when your BAT wallet is being created - you may or may not see an animation at this point). When you see USD approximations next to your monthly budget/account balances (as below) try claiming tokens again.


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