Unable to claim BAT on Android

I am having thesame issues
Samsung galaxy note fan edition android 9

Yea it looks to me like this issue has been going on for a long time. You’d think before they took it out of beta for android something like this would have been resolved.

I have been trying to claim my BAT every day since I posted this originally but no luck still getting the same message.

I’m also having the same issues

Are all of you guys experiencing the exact same issue as I am? Like the way I described it is what is happening to you guys?

Same issue here, it seems that is a pretty common one, I got in contact with the Brave support team about a month ago (I think they still haven’t figured out the cause of this issue though).
I think you should send your device and wallet information via DM to a support member

Also same here: Can't claim reward on Android

Hi all - please DM me your wallet ID if you have not received your payment.


How do I get my ID on android?

From what I see you have to verify your wallet to see your ID but I cannot verify if I don’t have any BAT in my wallet.

Ok I am beginning to get a little annoyed. I really wanna figure out what is going on but I can’t get my wallet ID without enough bat. I don’t think you guys will ever figure out this problem if there is not another way I can report a bug. I really like Brave and wanna continue using it and the BAT system is the main reason why I wanna use Brave.

To get your wallet ID you don’t need a minimum of BAT, you can find it here:


is there a way resolve the issue?

This is what I get.

You’ve entered the url wrong. Its chrome-internals with an “s” and not chrome-internal

Thank you this finally workebut just to be clear I didn’t enter it wrong lol it was posted wrong and I copied it lol.

My bad, sorry, didn’t read twice before posting.

It’s all good thanks for posting it! I DM’d the guy and hopefully we can get this resolved I have over 4 BAT now that I need to get.

Anyone managed to get the issue resolved???

Hi I am having trouble claiming my BAT for April 6. I am not sure what to do next? Can you help me out?

Have you considered switching to iOS? Yes, I am being a smartas_s, but I find that the ratio of Android/iOS posts with responses gives me supporting data (1).

(1) Supporting data