Unable to check balance and website verification

When I clicked on the triangle symbol to check the balance at lightnovelpub.com, the balance and, where the owner of the website, symbol was loading. At first, this didn’t occur on other websites but after 4 days the issue is now with every website accessed.

I don’t know how this occurred but it may have to do with me restarting my phone over 4 times this month.

If replicated, you should get the balanced loading and not display. This messes with your balance and you can’t claim and tip.

Looking at the Brave rewards section, it seems to be affected as well with the balance displaying zero and showing I got no BAT from last month but there is a button saying claim rewards with does have my original balance. The button when claimed doesn’t give me my balance but if I reload the page, it is still there.

This doesn’t affect the pc version as I have checked with the same account technically and it works fine. However, it was when the issue started and my balance isn’t shared.

The screenshot is how it looks like on mobile.
There is also a screen recording but I cannot send it dur to me being a new user.

It seems somebody solved the problem on my phone or it fixed itself. Anyway thank you.

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