Unable to change uphold account for brave browser rewards

Hi, I keep getting this error when I try to change my uphold account. How may I change my uphold account on my brave browser rewards?

@buzzking00 A person is only permitted to have one Uphold account. Your browser is linked to an Uphold account. So what you’re trying to do is transfer ownership to someone else?

Your best bet is just to Reset your Rewards. Go to brave://rewardsManage Brave RewardsReset.

This will get rid of all BAT in your browser that’s not been sent to Uphold, but this shouldn’t be anything since your account is showing Verified anyway according to your screenshot.

Your only other option would be to create a Rewards Support Ticket and see if Brave can help unlink your current wallet.

I’ll try that. I have some bag estimated to be received in January, will I be losing that too?

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