Unable to block elements behind the selector

Description of the issue:
Unable to select elements which are behind the selector

How can this issue be reproduced?
Right click then go to Brave and then block element and try to block an element behind the selector

Expected result:
The elements behind the selector should be selected

Brave Version:

Additional Information:
There should be an option to move the selector as there is no way to block that annoying “Hi there you got any questions”

Open Brave GitHub issue report linked below. It is a P5 priority which means Brave probably won’t be addressing anytime soon.

Brave GitHub Issue Report:

You can block the element by entering particulars in Create Custom filters at brave://settings/shields/filters. I posted more information in another topic which may help. I was going to see if I could block but I could not get to the page you have displayed in your image. As stated in the other topic, I really can’t help because I really don’t have the knowledge needed but hoping the additional information may help you. Good luck! and take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

Blocker menu covering element - #9 by Chocoholic

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