Unable to Alter Auto-Contribute Site List

A buddy of mine just started to publish content on YouTube so I figured I should tell him about becoming a Brave Creator. This inspired me to check which sites I am Auto-Contributing to. I was surprised to find that the verified sites, that I want to reward, were blacklisted and that I could not alter the settings.
I now only have 4 sites that are reporting to be viewed and 84 that are excluded. When I click the X or Restore All, nothing happens.
If I visit a new site, it is not added to either list.

I have verified my Auto-Contribute Settings and that I have Version 1.5.115 Chromium: 80.0.3987.149

I found two auto-closed reports that match my issue.

This made me wonder/fear if it would be possible for these settings to be hijacked?

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Hi @itsMaxK, welcome to Community!
When you click the X or Restore All, it will remove the site from the list of excluded. Revisiting a site should out it back on the list. If you go to brave://rewards/, you can toggle settings like Minimum page time before logging a visit and Minimum visits for publisher relevancy

I agree with you. Unfortunately, the software isn’t.

To help show my issue, I’ve uploaded a video of the issue. You should see me attempting to blacklist and whitelist sites. You will see my settings and that I toggle the, off an on and that nothing happens.

To help demonstrate the issue, here is a link to a video of the problem.

I hope this helps,

Hi @Aa-ron,

I would like to share how I worked around this.

I downloaded the Beta build, of Brave, and moved my entire application support file from the release version to the beta version. I then started to use the beta build and found my issues to be gone.

  • Cheers,

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