Unable to allow cookies for some sites only

Unable to allow cookies for some sites only

How to allow cookies for only one site?

My Brave settings include clearing all cookies after closing Brave.

I am trying to add site “search.brave.com
to the list “List Of All Sites That Block, Allow Or Clear Cookies”

The site is added to the Allow cookies List.

After closing Brave and starting it again, this list is empty.

Brave version 1.42.86 Chromium: 104.0.5112.81 , (64 bit)

got similar problem , again…cannot select which scripts i want to block and which ones to allow …keep screwing with the UI , why ?..this happened before a few months ago…e.g. just went to a site that had 40 scripts blocked , wanted to allow one (1), in this case , rumble.com, now not possible , either all or none , even though UI displays which scripts are blocked…was running B 1.42.86 C 104.0.5112.81 WIN 10 on a 64 bit machine…

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