Unable to add a custom search engine on iOS

Hi guys,
I’ve been trying to add a custom search engine (you.com) to Brave (latest version iOS) and every time I finish and press ‘add’ the browser crashes without fail.

Any tips on how I can stop this from happening?

@UltraViolet ,

So, you are using the following character string:


as instructed (in Brave Browser iOS > Settings > . . . ) to “Add Custom Search Engine”

But that effort fails.


As the post said, it is crashing, then it might be a bug to make the browser crash.

Inputing inaccuracte search query to add a custom search engine should not make ‘any’ browser crash.

I also read that on iOS safari has made it so that only the deafult 5-6 search engines can be used.
So, is it repliacted in brave due to webkit and thus making the browser crash.

yes, that is correct

@UltraViolet ,

I was expecting a crash . . . but, the You Search Engine was added without incident, in Brave Browser iOS (iPhone). I entered:

https://you.com/search?q=%s (in the URL field)

and I entered:

“You” (in the only other available field - fieldname: “TITLE”)

Other info:

Brave Browser iOS > Settings > . . . > Private Browsing Only: ENABLED

Brave Browser iOS > Settings > . . . > Block Popups: ENABLED

Brave Browser iOS > Settings > . . . > CLEAR PRIVATE DATA: ALL settings are ENABLED, and I routinely clear the data.

Not using VPN.

Prior to all this testing, I did not visit the You Search Engine via the iPhone; and I have yet to do so.

I did visit the You Search Engine by way of Brave Browser for Mac OS . . . and I tested the addition of the You Search Engine in that browser – again, with no incident.

Finally, I removed the You Search Engine from Brave Browser iOS, without incident.

So . . . I am not helping you, so far.

Except, I did attach the iPhone to the Mac computer, and used the Console.app window, to monitor the iPhone during the You Search Engine addition on Brave Browser iOS.

Yet, I have not found some indications in all the records, of the addition.

Strange that adding the ‘.com’ at the end of the title crashes the browser

worked though, thanks

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