Unable to access website with VPN

Using Brave and trying to access a particular news website while connected to my VPN does not work. I receive a ‘Server Cannot Be Found’ error. I did not have this error using a different browser.

Suggestions are appreciated.

I assume you were on the same VPN on the other browser, can you make sure and confirm?
With that I mean, the same connection – reconnecting to the VPN may result in a different “exit point”, or whatever it’s called on VPNs, I’m using TOR terminology in a lose sense here.

At first sight that would seem more likely a problem of the VPN than the browser.
I take a wild guess that the news website is not reachable from the VPN exit point, which is who knows where in the world – though you may find out using one of many “know my external IP” websites, https://www.whatismyip.com/ for instance.

While at it, see if the site loads in brave (still on the VPN of course) with: 1) shields down 2) private window, and (without VPN) private+tor.
Same consideration applies, even more, to TOR: another connection, another exit point.

What news site by the way if you can say? Is it the only one affected?

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