Unable to access my Yahoo account

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My email address and phone number are not being recognized when I try to access my yahoo account. I am not a computer whiz so I may not be able to get my point across in a technical manner. I’ve followed all prompts provided by yahoo help, going as far as calling a help desk number only to find out that my account was compromised by different devices and for $169.99,a company called “Cisco Certified Network Professionals” could fix the problem. I’m here for help and advice, if anyone is able to help me.

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@Oleskool61, apologies but I’m not sure I follow entirely.
When you say

What exactly do you mean by “not being recognized”? Do you mean that you can’t login (authenticate) into your email account? Additionally, do you have Two Factor Authentication enabled on your Yahoo account? If not, how does your phone number fit into the equation?

Ok, I lost my phone, someone found it, somehow was able to get into the phone, even sent pictures from my phone to my wife and I changed passwords on all other accounts but, yahoo, so I tried to access my yahoo account using my email address, when that didn’t work, I can use my phone number to recover my password, but it’s not recognizing either. I think that I’ve been blocked out of my account by whoever found my phone. I can’t make sense out of yahoo help forums, and can’t talk to anyone to get an understanding of what I should do to regain control of my account. It shows my email address and picture of me when I go to yahoo.com, but I can’t access my account when ask for my password. Hope that helps.

What do I do if someone has access to my phone, and wife’s phone and can use it to spy with the camera who do I contact if we’re being threatened?

Your story is very sad. :sweat:
But I think nobody can really help them here.

The Brave Community is actually about the browser.
Don’t you still have security questions in your Yahoo account? You could still get in touch with the Yahoo customer service. This should give you access to your Yahoo account again.

To spy on:
Did I understand that correctly, both your mobile phone and that of your wife was stolen?
Then nobody can spy on you through the camera, can they?

If only your mobile phone was stolen…:
Just like that you can’t access the camera of another mobile phone. Could you explain your reason for concern better?

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I wish I were able to, but some of what is being done has gotten very personal. Some how someone has remote access to my wife’s phone and mine they are able to voice record her on the phone, use her phone to take pictures of her remove files, isn’t there a law against that?

You should contact the authorities asap. This forum is not going to be able to help you with your issue. Do some research on steps to take for a hacked phone or remote access to your device without permission and contact the authorities.

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