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Testing Brave to replace Safari and Google on my Mac. Have found problem attempting to log in on certain websites. First scenario allowed me to type in my User Name, but could not get cursor in the Password field. It did not matter whether I tried to do it manually, or used my Password Manager, Dashlane. Second instance this morning at Allstate.com. Allowed me to enter my User ID and my Password, but then would not proceed to the site. I did check my settings and Block Scripts was OFF.


HI @bettyknutson

Could you please let me know which version of Brave you are experiencing this issue with?



I presume it was the newest. I had just downloaded and installed it a few days before. However, I decided that with those issues I did not want it to be my primary browser, so I deleted it and went back to Safari. Thank you for your response though.

Betty Knutson


Hi @bettyknutson

I’m sorry to hear that and I hope you reconsider using Brave, as we appreciate the reports of issues so we can investigate and work to resolve them. If you resume using Brave and encounter this again, please let us know the version of Brave (You can find this if you open a new tab and type about:brave).



Thank you, Lauren. I may give it another try when things in my life settle down a bit more.

I appreciate your support.

Betty Knutson

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