Unable to access earned BAT

Browser shows 51.44 BAT, when I go to view in Uphold it shows 2.94 BAT, Uphold says there’s no issues on their end. I’m using Brave Dev. Any ideas?

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My wallet says I still have my 217 BAT from the dropdown at the search bar while my actual reward settings tell me I have zero. I can’t turn on ads, as told by a message saying that they’re not available in my region, which is strange since I’m in America. When I try to recover my wallet with the 217 BAT, I get an error message after pasting in my saved recovery words that I need to enter a different key or some nonsense. All of this started after I activated my new PC and made the migration to it, and nothing is working. The whole thing is just janky and busted right now.

@CBScott7 did this issue ever get resolved?

I have a similar problem, where BAT is stuck in the browser and not transferring to Uphold, since September 2020.