Unable to access brave news in nightly Pc

Nightly version - latest upto date
windows 11
i am unable to access any settings in this portion of the browser , customize settings etc nothing responds and brave news is also empty and cannot be scrolled

I’m not calling you a liar, but been a lot of times people say “up to date” or “the latest” just to find out that they were a few versions behind. Could you do a favor and just help affirm exactly which version of Brave you’re using?

  • Are you able to go to your normal settings? If so, can you go to SettingsGet StartedCustomize New Tab Page and see if it opens for you or if the same issue occurs?

  • While none should interfere, are you using any extensions? If so, try to create a new profile and see if it works there.

  • Have you changed anything in brave://flags?

yeah i checked the version before posting. few hours back i was able to click on those icons in the bottom right but news was still not working . so i Re-installed Nightly and now its fixed

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