(un)Plugging headphones crashes browser

Description of the issue:
Whenever I plug or unplug my headphones into my laptop, Brave (and Chrome since Brave’s a fork of Chromium) crashes immediately, and it ruins my user experience.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Plug in a pair of OneOdio A70 headphones

Expected result:
The browser does not crash at all.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.49.132 Chromium: 111.0.5563.147 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:
I use a OneOdio A70 headset

@jadasse go to brave://crashes and it will look like something below:

If not already sent, hit Send Now. Once it uploads, should then look like below:

Share the Crash Report ID here so Support and developers can look into it.

If it’s happening on both and it’s more of a chromium issue, then it may need to be handled upstream.

Could you try to install Brave Nightly and see if it happens there as well? https://brave.com/download-nightly/

Also, mind checking to see if perhaps any drivers are available?

No drivers are available for OneOdio A70. Nothing happens to Brave Nightly upon (un)plugging.

And this is the Crash Report ID: “fb160400-2274-db09-0000-000000000000”

Brave Version: 1.49.132 Chromium: 111.0.5563.147
Operating System: Windows NT 10.0.19045

Might just mean whatever caused the issue has a fix and you might just have to wait for it. I mean, only other thing for “now” would be to say to Create a new profile in your hamburger menu and see if it happens there. If it doesn’t, then hints to extension, cookies, or setting on your current profile causing it.

But yeah, if Nightly good, chances are just have to hold out for that update to arrive. At least is usually how it ends up working, as annoying as it can be.

Nevermind; Nightly just crashed. For some reason, this time, Brave (release) didn’t crash. This is the ID for nightly btw: 2c560400-2274-db09-0000-000000000000

Brave Version: 1.52.8 Chromium: 112.0.5615.49

So much for that. Btw, it’s the weekend right now, meaning no Support until the week begins. I’ll tag @Mattches in here in hopes he’ll see the tag and can check in on you as he kind of catches up to things missed over the weekend.

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Man that is a super strange issue! Have not seen or heard of this type of behavior before. I’m forwarding the crash reports to our devs for review. I do have a few additional questions:

  1. Are you on Windows 10 or 11 (I’m assuming Win10)
  2. Does this happen if you unplug any set of headphones from your PC or is it this specific set of headphones?
  3. Any extensions that you have installed in both Release and Nightly at this time?
  1. Windows 10
  2. Any set
  3. AHA Music - Song Finder for Browser, AudD® Music Recognition, CheerpJ Applet Runner, Duplicate Tabs Closer, Free Download Manager, Game Saver, Grammarly, Music Speed Changer, No More Duplicates, PayPal Honey, Per Tab Zoom, Pitch shifter - HTML5 Video audio FX, Playlist Search for YouTube™, Pull Up Flash, Return YouTube Dislike, ROBLOX Audio Downloader, Ruffle, Scratch Addons, Scratch Device Plugin Helper, Session Buddy, SponsorBlock for YouTube, Transpose ▲▼ pitch ▹ speed ▹ loop for videos, Unpaywall, Video DownloadHelper, and Wayback Machine.

@jadasse Lmao, umm, that’s a lot of extensions. When you mentioned that it crashes on Chrome as well, are you running those extensions there too? If so, that’s still where we should start.

To quote myself:

You never did mention testing with a new profile, not having extensions running. It might be kind of vital for you to do that. If it doesn’t happen, then you’re going to have to go back and disable extensions, doing one at a time until you find your culprit.

I’m getting ready to open an issue for this but before I do it would be good to test this in a fresh browser profile as @Saoiray suggests and see if the behavior is the same.

I’d also like to mention that after Brave reopens, upon (un)plugging my pair of headphones, nothing happens. Also, when Brave crashes, all windows of Brave close as well. I may also test upon a window where multiple tabs (that aren’t New Tab) are open.

(Finally!) I tested a new profile of Brave, and upon (un)plugging, Brave still crashes.

Does anyone still have any solutions?

Sorry you’ve been lost there a bit @jadasse. One of the reasons you see me tag people in all my comments is to make sure it produced a notification. When you just do a generic reply as you just did last, you rely on the idea that people happen to comb across and randomly pick your topic.

I know @Mattches was working with you on it and had crash reports from before. Not sure if he’ll need more info but at least tagged him in on it here and hoping he’ll pop in to follow up with you.

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Going to ping devs about this again and open an issue — sorry that this thread got lost in the shuffle here.

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I should probably mention that Chromium cannot handle audio interface changes, especially audio output

Just commenting on here to keep this issue up so this doesn’t close automatically if it’s still being handeled

I don’t think it’s the headphones but the audio settings on the computer. When I only open up the audio settings in the system section of Windows Settings, Brave crashes immediately. So Chromium may be prone to only one radio output before going haywire. Please fix this immediately; this is driving me insane.

Is it still being worked on?

Apologies for the late reply time here. Unfortunately we do not seem to have an answer here. Further, nobody can actually reproduce this issue. I am seeing some similar issues on the Chromium form but nothing that is crashing the browser:




For some more detail:

  • Is there any other software you have installed on your system that specifically handles audio output and/or devices?
  • To confirm, you’re seeing this behavior in Chrome as well? Do you have any other browsers you might test (like MS Edge)?
  • You stated that you have an OneOdio A70 headset — is it safe to assume that connecting/disconnecting via bluetooth works without any issue? Additionally, do you see the same behavior if you were to connect different (perhaps more “basic”) headphones and then unplug them?