Ultra high CPU usage desktop

Extremely high CPU usage. Intermittent but frequent. What’s going on?

Can’t reproduce. Happens intermittently.

Didn’t get screenshot or gif.

It’s happened several times today.

Brave 1.25.68 Windows desktop with LocalCDN and ClearURLs extensions.

There could be many different things causing this. Can you please repost/edit this and include as much information requested in the editor as possible? Thank you.

I’ve edited OP as much as possible. It happened this morning. I hadn’t restarted laptop in awhile so I restarted and CPU usage went up again several times. Maybe Windows Defender was scanning it and the browser didn’t like it?

Hey @jaybird !

Can you post a screenshot of the internal Task manager of Brave?
Go to Menu icon → More Tools → Task Manager

Please expand any tabs in the task manager that you see.

Thank you!


No point because all is quiet now.

You mean the CPU usage has went down? When you next see the CPU usage spike, please do use the task manager and send me a screenshot!

Thank you :smiley:


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