UI/UX suggestion with mockup: Brave Payments shortcut + Include individual channels dropdown



I know many in the community believe the Brave Payments panel should be more accessible. One shouldn’t have to access it by first accessing Preferences. This mockup places a simple BAT icon next to the URL bar alongside the refresh and home buttons. This BAT icon is the same one used in Preferences.

Second, many in the community want to be able to use the heart button to add individual channels, rather than solely at the domain level. For example, if you are on a YouTube channel and try to click the heart button to add it to Brave Payments, it will only add YouTube.com, the overarching domain. In other words, users want more granularity with the heart button, and this dropdown menu from the heart button expresses this granularity.



Interesting thoughts @chriscat - thanks for sharing.

cc @alex @jamesmudgett


Logged an item for your suggestion @chriscat - thanks for the awesome mockup :slight_smile: