UI bug : Text not shown


I’m having an UI bug on the shield “page” where the text doesn’t appear.
In picture :

As you can see there’re no text, which can be quite annoying :confused:

I’m using Brave on Manjaro-gnome (4.19.30-1-MANJARO), with “Version 0.61.50 Chromium: 73.0.3683.67 (Build officiel) unknown (64 bits)” Brave version.

I tried to uninstall/install it back to see if it solve the problem, but it did not work, else I would not be here.

Did I miss something? Is there some settings to edit? I also use Brave on Android and Windows 10, and I don’t have this issue.


Thanks for reporting @Liss.
It’s a known issue for Linux. Fix will be available with 0.63.x release (if not changed).


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Ok thanks ! I’ll wait for it :3

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