Ugly new tab buttons on Linux

Description of the issue:
The buttons on the tabbar (the new tab button and the dropdown) no longer look right with the GTK+ style.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open settings on Linux
  2. Go to appearance
  3. Set it to use GTK+
  4. Look at the new tab button and the dropdown button in the tabbar.

Expected result:
Buttons should blend in, which they did until yesterday. Now they’re either light gray (with non-dark mode GTK+ themes) or black (with dark mode themes).

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:
It also affects the text in the titlebar of installed webapps, where if the titlebar is dark but the rest of the theme is light, the text ends up black against a dark background.

I also want to say again that this just started as of yesterday’s update.

Did you set GTK+ here?


Yes, I’ve set it to GTK+, but the buttons on the tabbar still look wrong.

Have you tried setting it back to “classic” instead of GTK? You really have to play around with the settings both on your OS and Brave. By the way, which version of Brave are you using, and which Linux OS?

If I set it to “classic” the ugly boxes around the new tab button and such disappear, but they come back as soon as I set it back to GTK+. I’m using the latest Brave Beta, on Manjaro Linux.

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