Udemy VIdeo isn't been played

Whenever I try to play a specific video on Udemy, it plays for around 5 seconds and then it freezes.
Here is the link to the Udemy video

When I try to use developer tools and see what are the problems,
It shows me around 30 errors showing

There’s isn’t any problem using Google Chrome.

I have searched around for it a lot.
And I have come acrossed many sites saying to put the shields down, but even if I put the shields down the video does not plays.
It shows me 1 Warning and 1 Error.

Some has also told to reset the settings and then also clear the whole browsing history, but I have also done that and the page still doesn’t works.

I have also disabled all my extensions to make sure that the page works.
But it’s still the same case.

My Brave Browser is also up to date.

I have tried to open it with:

  1. All cookies allowed
    2.Cookies Blocked
    3.Cross-site cookies blocked

But it still does not opens

I have also tried to re-install Brave but I don’t know why the video isn’t playing.

My Widevine’s version is 4.10.2209.0.
I don’t know that if it is the latest version or not but I have tried to re-install it two times and I have also tried to update it but it shows Component not Updated.

Can anyone please help me with it
I would be glad if someone helps me with it

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Hey @Kumar_Ayush !

Can you try again with Shields turned off on the website?

Thank you!



Try to disable (restart browser) and then re-enable widevine in brave://settings/extensions @Kumar_Ayush


Yes Sir,
First I would like to thank to reply so quickly. :slight_smile:
And Yeah! I tried Shields turned off on the website again, but it still didn’t work.

If you disable/re-enable Widevine, it would ask you to restart. That’s all that he was asking you to do.

That should hopefully fix your problem.


Sir, I have too tried that a lot of times but it didn’t worked.

Sir, I have enabled and disabled Widevine a lot of times but it’s still the same case.

To confirm, it is just this one video that is not playing, correct?


Sir, actually the videos before I was watching in this course were playing perfectly.
But the videos after them were having some issues.

Is there something regarding a video codec or else?

I know you said that you cleared your browsing history, but have you cleared your browser cache? If you haven’t, try that and see if it works.


Yes, Sir I have tried that too.

Well, just in case, can you try this in a new or guest profile on Brave to see if it works there?


Ok, let me do it and I will reply soon.

I would recommend a fresh profile as opposed to a guest profile and/or private window. We want to make sure there is no data or extensions that may be interfering with the site.


It’s still the same case. I also tried with shields off.

Yes Sir, I tried opening it in a new or guest profile, but it’s still the same case.

Well, it’s getting to the point where I’m not sure what to suggest aside from the two big ones.

If you don’t mind losing your BAT or have a verified wallet, you could do a complete wipe of Brave from your computer, then reinstall it.

Either that, or just redownload the installer from brave.com (do not uninstall the application), and then rerun the installer to see if that fixes it. I’d recommend doing that first before.


I would actually suggest downloading the Brave Beta build instead and see if it gives you the same results. Note that the Beta version will download/install/run without interfering with the stable install.

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By “it does not work” or “it still does not work” . . . you actually mean, from your original description:

“it plays for around 5 seconds and then it freezes”

That is important to state precisely, here. Because the playing does work - AT FIRST - but then it fails somehow, by your description.

With some extra sleuthing, you may figure out the problem.

When you view the Brave Browser Developer Tools, look for the vertical 3 dots - near the right end of your window screenshot that you provided:

Click on the vertical 3 dots

You will get a pop-up window showing how the Console window may be displayed on your computer — Dockside or as a separate browser window.

Screen Shot 2021-07-22 at 2.30.23 PM

You might have to fiddle with those buttons, but you will figure it out. Choose the separate browser window, so you can fully display the Developer Tool: Network . . . when Brave Browser is specifically connected to the troublesome URL that you mention in your Description.

A similar Developer Tools > Network display can be produced via Mozilla Firefox (I used it, prior to Brave), and presumeably Chrome (that I have never used).

You’ll need that display, too . . . when that other browser is specifically connected to the troublesome URL that you mention in your Description.

When you are so prepared, try to compare and contrast the two different browser’s Network results that you see.

That will take you a lot of careful study, because, even when - let us say - both browsers were fully playing the Udemy video as you wish . . . you may still find differences in what each of the browsers has successfullly downloaded -or- was blocked somehow.

Yet, I suspect that you will get the hang of how to compare the performance of the two browsers.

You are looking for, “Hey! This source / server / URL works in Firefox (or in Chrome) but not in Brave Browser. I wonder why?”

If you find a few such instances, then you might be able to track down the specific reason why the failing source / server / URL connection occurs, and when.

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