Ubuntu message: "failed to fetch http://download.brave-browser-beta.com/

I recently installed Ubuntu 19.10 on my desktop. I tried installing Brave on it but keep getting this message: “w:failed to fetch http://download.brave-browser-beta.com/apt/dists/'lsb/In could not resolve 'download.brave-browser-beta.com

Any ideas what I should do ?


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Hi, John/@jubilee. The repository name doesn’t look the same as what the Linux install instructions say to add, but one thing that leaps out is that the URL in the error message is http, not https. I’m hoping that just editing the source entry to change it from http to https will fix it. If that doesn’t work then you may have to disable or delete the existing entries and follow the instructions here (scroll down to Beta Channel instructions if you have to go this way and don’t copy-paste directly from browser to Terminal because there are invisible formatting characters that will be pasted and screw things up - use a text editor to clean them up).

Before you redo the entries, here’s how to change the Brave repository entry. I’m using Mint 19.3, which is based on Ubuntu, so I’m hoping this GUI method will fix it for you. If it doesn’t match closely enough to Ubuntu, I’ll see about creating a VM with your version of Ubuntu and try again unless someone else beats me there.

  1. Open “Software Sources” from the Administration section of the menus or equivalent in Ubuntu.
  2. Click on “Additional Repositories” on the left.
  3. Select “Brave / beta” in Repository list and click Edit at bottom of window.
  4. Hit left arrow or Home to get to beginning of entry, find the http, add an s, click OK.
  5. Software Sources will prompt you to update APT - click OK.
  6. Once the update is complete, close Software Sources and try installing Brave again.

Here’s a movie illustrating the change:

I’m thinking I should switch to mint because Ubuntu really doesn’t seem as good as Mint. I don’t for example have that screen.

If you’re just starting with Ubuntu, maybe change before you have a lot invested in it, @jubilee, but Ubuntu is fine. Note that Mint is based on Ubuntu, so in many ways they are very similar. I used Ubuntu off and on from version 4 to version 16 and beyond, with a laptop using it full time from version 9 to version 11. I’ve also had Mint installs going off and on since version 17 or so, native and virtual. Other distros, too. I tinker.

I set up a virtual machine using Ubuntu 19.1. It looks like Ubuntu’s handling things a little different from Mint is all; the settings we want in this case are in Software & Update instead of Software Sources. There are two things to check: repository entry and authentication of the repository.

If you do decide to switch to Mint, please post that and ignore the rest of this post. The process of creating the rest of this post was fun and instructional and will be useful (to me if no one else - tinkerer) even if you switch.

First, open Software & Update, click on Other Software, and look for the first Brave entry (not the one followed by “(Source Code)”. If the entry has only http and not https in it, click Edit and add the s.
Click Authentication and see if there’s a key listed for Brave. If there is, you’re probably good to go. If not, then you need to open a tab in Brave or another browser and click/use this link and save it to Downloads folder: https://brave-browser-apt-beta.s3.brave.com/brave-core-nightly.asc
Now return to Software & Update -> Authentication, click Import Key File, navigate to Downloads, and import find the file you just saved there. Click Close and let Software & Update refresh the cache if prompted (you should be prompted). If you don’t get any error messages, you should be able to update Brave using Software Updater.

It should go something like this. The movies are at 50% scale; clicking one will enlarge it. I apologize for some missteps and extra stuff they show, but I’m tired and don’t want to take the time to redo them.

This is the first part checking the repository entry and presence of the key:

This is the second part downloading and, even though the key’s there, demonstrating by adding the key plus refreshing the cache:

Opening Software Updater to let it check stuff. Since I just installed Brave, I didn’t expect it to tell me it needed updating, but if there’s an update today that would change.

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