Ubuntu 18.04 - Brave doesn't update

Hello, the latest version of Brave 0.26.0 doesn’t update. I have also updated my curl version, based on a previous comment to update Brave. My current curl version is: 7.62.0. Still it doesn’t work. Any suggestions ?

Hello @raincitycode. That was probably my comment about curl. That is a problem if you do a minimal install on Ubuntu 18.04 and try to install Brave . I am assuming you are trying to install the now depreciated Moun version 0.26.xx from the software center. I believe the snap is still available in the Software center. You should be installing the new Brave that can be found here;

Open a terminal and copy and paste the 4 commands in sequence . As pictured here.

This should have going on my favorite 18.04 +Brave.

Yes, I was trying to update via Terminal. Thank you! It worked. Removed via ubunut’s software center and installed the new one.

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