uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger


I’d love to see these extensions added. I get Brave is handling ad blocking internally, but it just isn’t doing as good a job as these two. I’m still getting native ads in gmail and twitter, which I don’t get while using the requested extensions.

I’m hopeful Brave will eventually eclipse these two, but in the mean time why not have these available?


They’ve already been requested and I’m quite certain after v1.0 they’ll begin releasing the most asked for extensions.

There’s an interesting discussion relating to one of them in the below links

For the time being though if anyone else is requesting the exact or similar extensions I think it will help the team more if you state your issues with the current ad-blocking engine (Luke poses an interesting statement in the ‘…integration’ thread above) like you did about your email and certain social media platforms still showing ads. Just simply @luke.mulks as he’s working with the team on enhancing the ad-blocking and tracking protection.

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