uBlock origin : a good tool that must be accepted


it is very important that brave offers the possibility to block some unwanted images from the net with tools like ublock : https://www.ublock.org/



Adding a +1 to this request for uBlock Origin. Brave offers built-in ad blocking and seemingly resists uBlock Origin because uBlock Origin also blocks ads. But uBlock Origin also allows users to block other content they don’t want to see. It’s much more than an ad blocker.

If you check earlier threads, e.g.:

there’s the suggestion that Brave may migrate to an alternative interface allowing users a broader selection of extensions.


+1 to this request. uBlock Origin isn’t just an ad-blocker. It has more filter lists, we can zap or permanently block page elements AND their placeholders. It’s much more effective on blocking pop-ups and tracking links (although this can be solved by adding more filter lists to Brave ad-blocker). Please consider adding those features to Brave Ad-Blocker or port uBlock to Brave.


+1 for this request.
uBO is very needful extension, which can replace built-in AdBlock.


+1 uBlock is better than built in blocker and should at least be available as an extension.


The ublock link provided in the main topic is an outdated, possibly deprecated version of ublock before the main guy went to build his own, which is uBlockOrigin for god knows why when they were happily working together fixing issues.

If you had searched ublock before creating the topic, you’d see a list of similar topics and in one of them it’s mentioned that the extension would be added but to be honest I doubt many will utilize it later on because of the research currently ongoing in Brave.


UPDATE: I just checked the Mozilla WebStore and sure there’s a version of ublock which was updated about two months ago.

The reason why I mentioned the first comment was because I’m certain it honestly wasn’t even updated for over two years and I assumed it was deprecated.

uBlock Origin’s most recent update was Sep 1st 2018 and the other uBlock’s last update was Jun 18th 2018.

I don’t know why the other fella bothered to update it recently.


Brave will be changing, relatively soon (possibly as soon as this month?..) to allow installation of extensions from the Google app store. At that time, Ublock Origin (and a host of other extensions/apps) will be available to install.