Ublock/matrix Integration pls


Please integrate UBlock ad or matrix into the ios browser to help see what is going on and improve blocking of sideloading sites and privacy sapping button scripts, fonts and so on. Esp ios as version 10 (32 bit) is not able to load extensions at all. Brave is a godsend, any thanks.


Brave comes with built in adblocker. Do you mind providing more information on this


If I load a site often they will have google metrics code embeded, also social media sharing buttons and web fonts from various places just to name a few common situations. These external components are mostly unnecessary and are a point of accounting (at the benighn end) right through to downright tracking and spying (at the extreme but all too common end). Most are over insecure/unencrypted connections such as http. And, all of them are done silently behind the scenes. These are not advertising and are almost always missed by adblockers.

uMatrix shows these connections in simple graphical format and allows a user to simply block them. It empowers the users to see what s going on and not only be informed but also active.

Hence the reasoning behind my request. I for one would greatly appreciate it. Cheers


Another point to consider is even f the adblocking is blocking all these scripts how will the end user know? uMatrix will clearly show that a site page s not calling on other offsite content visually so it can also serve as a precautionary and informative tool/plugin or feature. Without it we are kind of driving with blinkers on - so to speak.


If you click on the blocked items in shields (Lion icon) button, it shows you the list of scripts that are blocked from execution. Agreed it doesn’t show a graphical interface but it shows you all the scripts that are blocked on Brave. Does this help?



Ahem, hmmm, not sure what you mean. On the ios version there is just a count. No list as such…see screenshot. Look it is way way way better than stock browsers in just being able to block scripts ads etc but I am still clueless as to what got blocked and what got through. I feel that to really know that side of being tracked I need to see what got loaded and which of that was blocked. I may be ok with StatCounter but not with Google metrics but others may even object to that. Was fb like requested and blocked? Its good to know… at the koment I have no idea other than the thumb is not there. What about the tracking pixels? They are normally not visible so were thay loaded or not.


Sorry about the confusion. I was referring to the laptop version. My bad. Yes for Mobile (iOS/Android) there is no blocked info displayed when you open shields. Is ublock/matrix integrated into any of the browsers on iOS that you use on your device?

As far as i know Mobile doesn’t support extensions so it has to be baked into the browser. Not sure if it is possible to show the blocked info on Mobile platform given the small layout and varying screensize.

cc: @joel to confirm on this.


Firefox mobile supports extensions.

BTW: I would like to see, what was blocked too (Android).


I reckon you are right, on ios there are no user loaded extensions alowed so yes it would have to be baked in just like the adblocker.


@GambaJo Can you please point us to some information about Firefox extension support. All I see is:

Which is pretty explicit that extensions are not supported. Building this ecosystem would be extremely complex given the static nature of iOS applications and lack of flexibility.


@Mirosan currently we just provide the count (as you know), but can the information you want is available to the app. After all, we need the information to know what to block. It seems this information would be useful to build, to give users a better understanding of what is going on.

We will file it and see where we can put it on our timeline.


@joel, I think what @GambaJo mean is Firefox support extensions on Android. And request same feature like @Mirosan requested to be added to Android version too. :slight_smile:


@eljuno Yes, that’s right. I don’t know about FF on iOS, but on Android you can use the usual FF addons (but not all).


Ah, I was wondering about this as well, as I posted in the Ghostery extension request topic:

I understand Ghostery will not be implemented because of the fishy data sharing policy they have.
But I’m wondering what happens with tracking (social media) pixels within Brave browser, as to my understanding, they are not being blocked?


Hello Joel,

Thanks for your reply but I am not clear on what you are trying to communicate. If I can attempt at guessing, you are interested in making the blocked information on ios list what was blocked like the desktop brave does. Is that right?

If my guess is correct I would like to state that that would only be a partialy addressing my request. While it would be good to see what got blocked it would not show what got through. Imho this latter info is the more important one. The other thing that would not be there would be how to add or remove content from the blocking list. This being about giving users the controls. It would then be up to the user to see what leakage has happened if any and then refine the filters to remove the bad sites, pixels, ggogle tracking, fb/twitter thumb ups etc etc. or not if the page breaks. The compromise is up to the user.

In my opinion that is the best situation. Some users dont mind fb, others dont mind adds on a particular site still others not so. Whilst brave team tries to make these decisions on behalf of the users only some will be happy.

Kind regards