uBlock for privacy


Not sure why the other topic is closed.
uBlock is all about privacy, adblock not so much.
So please add it. I will actually dump Brave down the line for
a browser that will, or head back to Firefox.

uBlock origin : a good tool that must be accepted

If you’re referring to uBlock Origin

(which is different and unrelated to uBlock) I, too, would like uBlock Origin as an available Brave extension.

Yes, uBlock Origin can be used to block advertising (as does Brave), but that’s too constrained a description. More broadly, uBlock Origin allows users to block unwanted content. This extends beyond advertising and makes viewing some web pages vastly more tolerable.

As to dumping Brave, I have multiple browsers installed. I select from them depending on what I need and what each browser does best. Limiting what Brave does at all – let alone best – limits how and when I use it.


It looks like Brave will be migrating away from the Electron interface and instead using Chromium. I believe at that point, it will be easy to directly install extensions from the Google web store, so adding uBlock Origin will be easy and quite doable in the near future.

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