UAE Still now available?

Why UAE is still not available as it’s been months now and we are loosing a lot of opportunities.

Well. Most likely cause of the rules and regulations in your region. Also maybe cause the custodial Partner isn’t having much to gain from UAE therefore is disabled?

@MindsetHacker No, it’s still not available. There are things Brave is working on to bring countries back. Part of me would like to announce details, but with no ETA and no 100% guarantee, I don’t want to get anyone too excited only for it to be something that comes a year later or not at all.

What we can say is that many countries are excluded now. Whether it be UAE, India, Germany, Philippines, Indonesia, or many others not listed in this comment. There is a new exchange partner that is expected to be released by October, but they said that will initially just be for India. We’ll have to see if they surprise us with more.

And the other thing I’m being cryptic on, if it’s built out and released, would bring us back to allowing everyone to participate with no restrictions. However, as I said, they haven’t shared enough to confidently be able to say when it will happen, how it’ll come to place, or even what limitations it might have. So I’ll just leave the hint there for now.

But if you’re expecting it to be done within the next 2-3 months or so, I wouldn’t go with that thought. It likely will be much longer unless things just go extraordinarily well.

@Saoiray Thank you for the detailed information and small hopes. If you don’t me asking one more thing, Should I continue to use Brave ads to accumulate the rewards or should I stop the ads. For the time being I’ve stopped the ads as Popups appearing again and again and giving no rewards is annoying. I believe I can say for most of the people is that they opted for rewards program, not only just to see unrelated ads, but to earn rewards for viewing them as they can help other eligible website owners, twitter or youtube channels etc.

You might not have direct control over who gets the BAT, but here any ads you watch, their rewards will be auto contributed to creators.

If you want to earn then you should turn off ads

To be clear, you wouldn’t be able to accumulate Rewards while not connected to a custodial partner like Uphold or Gemini. You can participate in Rewards and see ads, but then 100% of the BAT from that goes to Creators selected by Brave’s algorithm, which they don’t yet openly share with us. So basically, you’d have to trust that Brave is giving it away as they promise.

It comes down to personal preference. If you can allow some ads to appear and trust that it’s how you’re both supporting Brave and various Creators, would that be enough for you to want to see the ads? Or where do you draw the line? There are decent amount of people who refuse to view ads if they don’t personally profit off of it, they have no desire to support Brave or any Creator. Then you have some in between who don’t care if they profit but they might disagree about how much control over which Creator gets BAT.

So it’s tricky. For me, I disabled ads on my iPhone because they were far more annoying than on my Windows or Android. Add in how iPhone doesn’t let me earn and I can’t choose which websites get BAT, then it wasn’t worth it for me on the iPhone. However, I do keep it enabled on the other two because the notifications aren’t as intrusive.

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