Typing password makes Brave crash


Hello !

I just downloaded Brave and I have an issue. Whenever I type one of my passwords for a website (issue is always with this specific password), the brower crashes. I don’t even have time to press ‘Enter’ : as soon as I finish typing it, Brave shuts down. It only happens when I type this password in a ‘password-sensitive’ text box (even if it isn’t a website where this password is for), so when I type it anywhere else, Brave is fine.
I tried disabling password management which changed nothing. Does anyone have a solution for this beside never using this password again ?

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Typing password makes Brave crash in macOS

Hi @Vlaedr,

Could you give us some additional information as per the guidelines?




Sorry about that !
My Brave version is 0.16.6 and I am running it on Windows 10 64-bits. My shields settings are as follows :

  • HTTPS Eveywhere ON
  • Script Block OFF
  • Fingerprinting Protection OFF
  • Malware Blocking OFF


@lautrenwags its this same problem.

( i have topic )



@Vlaedr and @jasiuytpolska - what are some sites you were trying to visit?



@LaurenWags I have this issue for any website where I type this password in a password-sensitive case (e.g Facebook, Google account, Paypal,etc…)



Thanks @Vlaedr! We’re trying to reproduce and wanted to have as much information as possible.



i see this only on github, i have my own topic when im write all informations.

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thanks @jasiuytpolska, just wanted to check you didn’t notice this other places.



I have the same problem, but with every textbox where I type my specific password. Any solution yet?



Same problem here as well. What is strange is that it works perfectly on some websites. Windows 10, https on concerned website, Script Block OFF, Fingerprinting Protection OFF, Malware Blocking OFF and version 0.16.6.



Issue is captured here.



I have a similar problem, but first noticed the browser crashing repeatedly when trying to close the settings tab. I left that tab open, just so I could continue browsing, then tried closing it later and it closed without Brave crashing. But then I tried typing my pw into 23andme, and like the others, as soon as I finished typing the pw (no time to hit Enter) the browser crashed again.

My OS is Win10 64-bit

I also just noticed that when I re-open Brave previously closed tabs are present (e.g. the preferences tab reappears, as well as other tabs)


Since Last Update 6/9 When I enter the last digit of my email password Brave crashes - VERY annoying

Same problem after updating Brave this morning - for Wells Fargo website.



The original thread is closed because the issue is covered in the github forum? Please explain, as I see no resolution on that thread.



I have the same issue here and I can tell you it’s every time I try and use a “shift+1” aka “!” in my passwords, this is crazy annoying!!! Please advise, thank you.

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I have this issue as well, it occurs to me every time i try to type my last character in a password field, **********Kd makes the browser crash every time. not saving any recent tabs opened in this session of the browser, can be very frustrating while working. so my temporary solution to this issue is to type the last letter in my password first then type the rest, since it seems like a command issue? Shift + k then d? into any password field? not sure. Hope this helps to trouble shoot.



Yes, it seems to only affect password fields for you aswell?



Indeed, shift+letters & shift+numeric seems to be crashy crashy, hopefully this is something the dev team can start to test and debug for us, it’s damn near a show stopper at this point whilst jumping around trying to login to this and that… :frowning:

UPDATE: You are correct, it also happens with shift+letters and at the end of my password or near the end for some reason, this is crazy!?!



@mattish.91 @Schneeballen @sanorlund @MajChicken @jasiuytpolska Could you guys please update to 0.16.9 and confirm if the issue is fixed?

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