Typing password makes Brave crash in macOS



I was asked to create a topic here, but my issue is the same as this one:

When typing in passwords on websites password fields for login credentials It will consistently crash up to a certain length and when using “shift+” keystrokes, happens w/ letters and numeric values.

It’s every time I try and use a “shift+1” aka “!” in my passwords, this is crazy annoying!!! It’s damn near a show stopper at this point whilst jumping around trying to login to this and that… :frowning: Please advise, thank you kindly.


@Schneeballen You mentioned iOS. Could you provide the details of the device you are running ?


iMac OS X El Capitan ver 10.11.6



I have the same problem in Windows 10 x64. It started yesterday after the last update.


@n3twor Please upgrade to the latest release 0.16.9 which was released today and check if the issue exist


It seems to be working OK, thank you!


I re-downloaded and installed again, Thank you Sriram and the Brave team, it does appear to be resolved!! Huh-ray! Cheers!

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