Typing "@" in Brave opens a new tab


Whenever I try to type “@” a new tab gets opened. The symbol still gets typed correctly after I close the new window. Looking at the Brave Browser Shortcuts for Windows this doesn’t look like expected behavior, it’s basically doing CTRL + T in addition to typing. This happens in all sites I’ve tested, also happens when typing in the url bar. I’ve tried pressing ALT GR + 2 and ALT + CTRL + 2 it happens in both instances. I don’t have this issue with other browsers. I doubt this is happening to every user that got the latest update or I think someone would have reported it already, maybe it’s just some malware on my side, but that’s why I’m not submitting it as a bug report yet.

And before anyone asks, yes, it’s happened twice while writing this topic :stuck_out_tongue:



I have the same problem. But only if I have Estonian keyboard layout. On Estonian keyboard I get “@” by pressing “Alt Gr + 2” . With US keyboard layout where I get “@” by pressing “Shift + 2” it doesn’t occur.
It started with the latest update, version 0.20.29.


Added your +1 to the issue. You can track the progress here

Thanks for reporting @mareamarea @extremeportion


It appears to be the same for Swiss-German Keyboards.
Everytime I enter ‘@’ a new Tab opens.


@kamelaner its a know issue with the current release irrespective of what keyboard is set.

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