Typeahead suggestions in the Google Drive search box suddenly stop being displayed

There are times when the Google Drive search box stops offering typeahead suggestions as a filename or search spec is entered.

As usual, Google’s help forum reps have no explanation for this, and balk at the idea that one would use Brave instead of Chrome.

Do any Brave team members (or users) have any idea what would cause this to happen?


Hi @mk7z,

Thanks for reporting your issue. A few follow up questions to better understand what’s happening.

  • Is this something that you’ve started to experience since the latest update, or has it been an ongoing issue?
  • Do your Gdrive searches function properly when using Chrome?
  • Would you be willing to send a recording of this?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @steeven,

Thanks for your reply.

As luck would have it, I decided to try closing the GDrive tab & then reloading GDrive in a new tab. Problem gone.

It wasn’t a chronic problem but has happened before, and it persisted until I did the above.

I’m pretty sure that prior to that I also had been through a BRAVE crash & restart without the problem being cured, which is why I also didn’t think of exiting & reloading the Drive page before, or that it would work even when I did think of it. :wink:

As for testing the issue in Chrome, I don’t use Chrome anymore except for auto-translate (when I need it). Once Brave has the latter, I hope to never need to use Chrome at all.

Hi @mk7z,

Awesome! Glad the issue is resolved.

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