Twtich blackscreen!



Twtich blackscreen

Steps to Reproduce

1.If I want to watch something, I have a black screen

Actual result:

Expected result:
No blackscreen

Reproduces how often:


Brave Version

about:brave info:


|OS Release|10.0.15063|
|Update Channel|Release|
|OS Architecture|x64|
|OS Platform|Microsoft Windows|
|Brave Sync|v1.4.2|

Reproducible on current live release:



Thanks for reporting @Luwox!

We have an issue logged for this. I added your +1 to the issue which can be tracked here


closed #3


Hi @Luwox,
Just a quick update. Please update your Brave version to 0.23.31. It has a fix for Twitch issue.
Thank you,