Two weeks no ads

I have had Brave installed for TWO WEEKS and I have had ZERO ads.

I have set my brave rewards to ON and I have checked the threads on here and did exactly what they did to solve their problems, but I still have received 0 ads. What exactly is going on?

My Details:

  • Windows 8.1 (Upgraded to Windows 10)
  • Latest Brave Browser
  • - I have ran that tool and I get notifications from that
  • I have turned on Brave Rwards… still on 0.0 BAT.
  • I have read through the troubleshooting advice…
  • I have “Notifications from apps and other senders” checked on as well as Brave checked on

okay so after doing that, ads then started popping up, not sure why this isnt on troubleshooting or something.

Hopefully i wont have to run that every time i boot up my computer